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Brownett Pilates 
1-2-1 Coaching and Small Groups in Strood

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Joseph H Pilates 1880 - 1967 was a poorly child. Being determined to overcome his delicate health, he tried different approaches to develop his fitness, choosing aspects from; yoga, dance, self defence and gymnastics, among other things. Developing a system which he termed "Contrology" involving a balance of flexibility, strength and mental training. He began teaching these techniques to others.

J Pilates helped in an infirmary during WW1, applying his techniques to assist in rehabilitation. Later he established a studio in New York, this was attended by dancers sent by George Balanchine and Martha Graham; actors and athletes were also keen to be taught by 'Pilates' 

He wrote several books about his methods. Those who studied with him, went on to teach their own versions. This is reflected in the world of Pilates today. He believed that exercise should be adapted to suit the individual, using the six fundamental principals of Pilates; Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centring, Precision and Flow. Through which many benefits can be found.

     The connection of body and mind are fundamental in Pilates. 

                                                Become the Best You

Here at Brownett Dance and Pilates we specialise in bespoke Pilates programs.

Online classes and 1-2-1 coaching are available.


Pilates Classes starting in Medway soon.   

 CIMSPA Member.

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