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Brownett School of Dance - Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Mrs Lynne Brownett is the person who processes and retains any information supplied. Upon deciding to join the school I ask you to complete a paper ParQ for yourself if you are 18 or over. If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 18 years of age who is attending classes, I ask that you complete and sign one on their behalf to give your consent and agreement of participation.

I ask within these forms for; Name, DOB (Children only), email address (of parent/guardian if for a child), Address, Telephone number and mobile (of parent/guardian if for a child), emergency contact person and their number,  permission to take photographs for use by the school for the purpose of publicity. Also any health information that I need to know about. I ask you to supply the information above in order to run the dance classes safely and effectively. No copies are made of the paper ParQ.

​The information provided is held securely in its paper form in a locked filing cabinet, in a locked house with a burglar alarm. They are not removed from there. Paper registers are compiled to be taken to class using Christian names only.

​A minimum of information is processed on a laptop which is password protected. Health information is not stored electronically. This laptop is stored in a locked house with a burglar alarm. It is not removed from there.

​Mobile phone numbers are stored on Mrs Brownett’s mobile phone for emergency use. This is fingerprint and password protected.

​Limited information is shared with the RAD and IDTA only on the occasion that an exam is to be taken. The information used at this point in time is; Name and DOB and any pre-existing membership number that the student already has. 

​Please do keep me up to date with your current information so that I can be sure to keep my records correct and current.

​Parents/Guardians - You will be removed from the records and your details securely destroyed and disposed in line with current legislation after your child leaves the school or reaches the age of consent, when we would then enter into a new agreement with the student themselves.

​Adult students - You will be removed from the records and details securely destroyed and disposed of in line with current legislation after you have not attended class for 3 months, because I am not allowed to keep your information unnecessarily.

You have the right to be forgotten. As part of the GDPR legislation you have the right to be forgotten. Please contact us and your personal information will be removed in line with current legislation.

​I use any data supplied purely in order to successfully run and manage my dance classes and keep you informed of timetable changes, or important events etc., You can refuse to give this information, however some of it is necessary for emergency contact and for the purposes of HMRC, which takes precedent over the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus it would be your responsibility to keep in touch with regards to any changes that may occur.

​At the start of each academic year you will be asked to update your details if  necessary.


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